- Wash at 30-40 degrees & Tumble Dry.
- Wash printed sweatshirts and t-shirts inside out to protect the print.

- It is advisable, if possible, to tumble dry your Sloppy Joe Clothing, as this keeps the garments  beautifully soft, and in shape. If not tumble dried, they tend to grow a little in size, and will harden up as happens with towels and any 100% Cotton.

- Grey Marl sweatshirts are made in a Cotton Polyester blend which can also tumble dried.

- Do NOT add cleaning products to your wash which include BLEACH such as Vanish or Vanish Gold. This also applies to coloured load bleach clean products - both spray and powders. These products are harmful to Sloppy Joe colours and print.

Sloppy Joe Clothing clothing cannot be exchanged after laundering.
Sloppy Joe Clothing are not responsible for the results of customer laundering 

Most of our garments are made from 100% Organic Cotton, except for the Lycra Pants which are 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra, and the Grey Marl Sweatshirt Fleece which are 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester.
We are proud to manufacture solely in England, where the fabric is knitted and finished. We make everything in it’s natural ecru form, and allow extra fabric to allow for any shrinkage. The garments are then sent to our Dye House, also in the UK, where they are dyed at 90 degrees Centigrade to our range of colours.
We use Pigment Dyeing for all Sloppy Joes which is very eco-friendly and the dye liquid is 100% Bio-degradable. This gives us the ‘washed look’ colours which are so popular, in Hyacinth, Navy, Aqua, Baby Blue, Ballet Pink, and Miami Pink.
We are extremely proud of the quality of the range as the garments last for many years – in fact, we have many customers who say their much-loved Sloppy Joe sweatshirts have lasted as long as 25 years!