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Sloppy Joe Essential Clothing is the UK’s ultimate smart-casual brand. Designed and manufactured by Jackie Harris in London, the company has been established since 1993 and is entirely manufactured in the UK using eco-friendly dyes and 100% Organic Cotton.

The Sloppy Joe story began 25 years ago when previously globe-trotting fashion buyer / designer Jackie Harris decided to launch her own homegrown fashion brand. Sloppy Joe Clothing was created with what the Jackie wanted to wear herself in mind – effortlessly cool clothing, fabulous oversize sweaters, great quality, eco-friendly, easy and stylish to wear (and launder). Discarding common Pantone colours from the mix, the range was to be available in stunning, new, bespoke Sloppy Joe colours created by Jackie, which alternated throughout the year.

Very quickly in the 1990s the Sloppy Joe sweatshirt was established as a cut above the rest; the quality of a Sloppy Joe is second-to-none and in no time this cool, baggy sweatshirt was a wardrobe must-have across the UK and soon further afield.

Sloppy Joe rose to stardom during the 90s on receiving a very special Royal ‘seal of approval’ when the late Princess Diana was photographed by the paparazzi on numerous occasions wearing various Sloppy Joe sweatshirts from the collection. Twinning her oversize Sloppy Joe with designer handbags and sunglasses for the gym, the result was the ultimate in must-have Sloppy Joe chic.

Over the past 25 years the Sloppy Joe sweatshirt has established itself as timelessly on-trend; as sweatshirts purchased in the 90s mature gracefully to vintage, the next generation of stylish millennials have now joined the Tribe.

Jackie Harris, Fashion Designer, London.

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or call 020 8878 3615

Jackie is honoured to have had the late Diana Princess of Wales as one of her long time customers.

About Jackie:

Jackie Harris has worked in fashion for decades, starting off as a model, and then became involved in importing vintage jeans from the United States, which became the original Jean Machine store in the Kings Road, London in the 1970s.

Jackie then moved into the selling side and worked as a freelance agent for Betty Jackson, Rococo Knitwear and Maxfield Parish.

After a brief working period as Export Manager with Muscle Sport, Jackie worked freelance for US merchandising company Winterland Productions, designing the merchandise for over 50 big World rock tours including artists like Tina Turner, Prince, Yes, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and Madonna through the 1980s.

After many years of designing for other companies and travelling around the world, Jackie decided it was time to design her own range of clothing. This began with the creation of the Sloppy Joe sweatshirt and launch of the flagship Sloppy Joe retail shop in Barnes, South West London in 1993. Today Jackie designs and manufactures Sloppy Joe Clothing which is sold through this online shop and select boutique stores in the UK.