GREY MARL Cotton Blend Collection

Cotton Mix Collection

Sizes S. 1. 2. 3.
Price: £68.95

The Cotton Blend range comes in Grey Marl, Navy & Black.

Fabric Composition 70% Cotton 30% Polyester.

Please note that the Cotton Poly Blend sweatshirts should not be tumble dried.

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Grey Marl Hood 05 Price £69.95 Sizes S.1.2.3
Hood version of the Classic 05 shape.

Contact: email
or call 020 8878 3615

Grey Marl Classic 05 Price £68.95 Sizes S.1.2.3

The Grey Marl Classic 05 is the original Sloppy Joe signature shape, which is still as popular as ever.

Grey Marl Collar 02 Price £68.95 Sizes S.1.2.3

The Grey Marl Collar 02 has a rugby shirt look emphasized with a white finish on the inside of the collar. This has a straight hem with two splits.