Sloppy Joe Clothing

Sloppy Joe clothing is designed to be comfortable, practical and of course stylish. We have a wide range of different styles of Sloppy Joe clothing to choose from, incorporating a large variety of different colours.

Sloppy Joe clothing specialises in clothing for women; however, we do have a small range of Sloppy Joe clothing for children. This range of Sloppy Joe clothing includes some of our popular garments.

One of the more popular items of Sloppy Joe clothing that we offer is The Square Sweatshirt, this is an original favourite as it is square in shape and has a nice baggy neck. Other Sloppy Joe clothing items include, The Rib Hooded Jacket, from the same idea as the shirt with a pouch, this is ideal when another layer maybe needed.

The Collar Sweatshirt, this is based on the classic Rugby shirt style, but is both soft and feminine, the long straight shape makes this type of Sloppy Joe clothing a very flattering piece.

All the Sloppy Joe clothing that we offer comes in a range of sizes that are based on height rather than the usual dress measurement. Sizes include 5ft-5ft 4", 5ft 4"- 5ft 7" and 5ft 7" - 5ft 11". This means it is easier for you to get sweatshirts and pants that are the right length for you.

If you want to learn more about Sloppy Joe clothing and what items we have to offer, you can look around our website where you will find images of our products, a sizing chart, colour selection and a list of your local stockists.

To order: Please call 020 8878 3615 quoting style number, colour preference and size.